For a long time remain a trustworthy source of home loan financing for Real Estate Mortgage Brokers and their customers. The Affiliate Program for Brokers offers flexibility, proper funding and competitive rate of interest. We will consider any home loan advance from as low as $30,000.00.

Our loaning choices depend on value. Credit and salary are not so critical to us it is to regular loaning sources. We need to be something other than your private home loan moneylender we need to be a significant partner to you and your customers.

In any case that you have customers who have either less, ideal credit to inside and out awful credit yet have value in their property we can give them the cash they need and quickly.

We will never put your customers through hellfire as the bank or institutional loan givers used to do.

We dislike regular banks we will not load you and your customer with various structures and archives to finish only for the benefit of alluding/expediting your customer’s home loan credit to our organization. We truly regard you and your customer’s time. We make working with our organization straightforward and simple.

Our organization considers most of the property situated in California. Thus, we urge our home loan agents to fill the short summary submission and let us know what they want on what property. We will reach back to you to discuss the details.


You just need to take a few minutes out to tell us the necessary information to make the lending process faster. We will get back to you in less than a day to discuss the important issues regarding the lending process.

Funding is fast and easy for your client.

It’s a simple 5 step process:

  • Ask the clients to confirm about the financial need
  • Let us know the amount they want to borrow the property details on which they want to borrow on and the plans to repay the mortgage loan
  • If the loan request is within our lending parameters, we will disburse preliminary loan within 24 hours.
  • Give us a complete 1003 and authorization to release information form signed by your client.
  • We will prepare a preliminary title report, assessment and the closing documents ready for your client to sign.
  • You will do the communication with your client on behalf of us.
  • The Broker fees will be incorporated into the loan costs. It will be disclosed and charged to the Borrower

Your customer will be in charge of any appraisal or closing costs. As of now, we finance Business and Investment Loans secured by first trust deed loans. We provide up to the 70% of the cost of the property as the loan. We are very flexible when it comes to interest rates and repayment terms. We do not support any proprietor-possessed loans. We offer interest only, partially amortized and fully amortized loans. Therefore, we have the adaptability to give only the correct advance to your customer.

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The state of California authorizes us. We represent investors, and we do bargain in expansive entireties of cash. Therefore, we need to affirm the legitimacy of data and documents introduced to our organization during the process of disbursing the real estate loans.

In order to maintain these, we employ the following to continue our duties to our borrowers, financial specialists, and the government regulatory authorities.

  • When documents are not out for preparing or overhauling, all documents are safely put away in locked file cabinets. A log is kept at whatever point a record is expelled from the document-stockpiling region or removed from the workplace throughout business process.
  • Qualified and experienced land appraisers, legitimately authorized person by the State of California do the all appraisals.
  • All salary documentation submitted to our organization whether from a borrower or intermediary is evaluated and checked for genuineness
  • Phone confirmation of data submitted to our organization is performed when important as controlled by our advance start group.

Likewise, we decide once a day any extra quality control estimates that are required to approve that all data got and unveiled to our speculators is valid and right.


Broker Approval Application

You can complete the form in only a couple of minutes by our broker candidates. You will get the approval within 24 hours or less after the finished Broker Approval Application is submitted to our dealer endorsement office.

W9 Form

It is an Internal Revenue Service frame that we are required to have each mortgage broker our organization works with to sign giving installment and assessment ID data required to agree to government law.

Short Summary Submission

This form is utilized by our home loan intermediaries to present the nuts and bolts of a potential credit exchange so we can decide whether the advance will fit into our loaning parameters.

1003 Application

The standard land credit application is utilized by most banks in the business. Our organization has utilized the FNMA 1003 application as our organization’s credit application. Most Borrowers saw the frame in earlier exchanges and know about the consummation of the shape.

Borrowers Certification and Authorization

This form is the place where the borrower signs giving approval for our organization to examine advance adjustments, installment narratives, work checks and whatever other important contacts that require borrower approval.

Equal Credit Opportunity Act Disclosure

This is a Federal law requiring loaning establishments to give credit to Borrowers without thought as to race, shading or country beginning.

Reasonable Lending Notice

This is the California law requiring loaning associations stating real estate loans in California not to segregate to borrower candidates in the matter of loaning on land.