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Hard Money Brokers California for Investors

The Hard Money Brokers California at our organization offer happy investing deeds for you that open up the opportunity of enjoying dependable monthly income. It enables in securing your investment and ensuring your peace of mind.

Borrowers who have a record of good income and credit can benefit from this opportunity of financing with private money. The process allows investors to fetch good quality borrowers who make repayment of loans on time without failing any loan terms. Thus, when compared to other investment opportunities of various Hard Money Brokers California, it ensures lower risks with higher rates of return.

For the last many years, we have been dedicated towards assisting trust deed investors throughout California. So far, we have invested millions of dollars in the trust deed funds. It should be remembered that any trust deed investment is actually a long-term investment that enables investors with an ongoing monthly payment.

At our company, the Hard Money Brokers California took painstaking efforts to foster a group of the best professionals who can dedicatedly work round the clock to design the Trust Deeds programs for the Borrowers and Investors. We aim at providing assistance to private individuals, corporations, family trusts, self-directed IRAs and pension plans. The best part about our program is it involves minimal risks with great returns. To receive more additional information, contact our help desk and you will be assisted with reasonable and convincing answers to your queries.


We are required to confirm that each of our investors meets certain government requirements prior to investing. There are various ways to qualify. One of our investment counselors can assist with all necessary qualifying requirements.

If you would like to receive additional information about investing in California trust deeds simply complete the Short and Simple Investor Form and submit it to our company. We will get right back to you to further discuss the required steps and how trust deed investing can help you achieve your investing goals.


Trust deed investments can be structured as either:

  • First Trust Deeds: recorded in first position and is only subject to County property taxes in order of priority.
  • Second Trust Deeds: recorded in second position and is subject to property taxes in addition to being subordinate to the first trust deed in order of priority.

Our venture terms can run from under 1 year to 10 years or more.

The type of regularly scheduled installment our financial specialists get can be organized as pursues:

Only pay the Interest:

This investment choice is the place our financial specialist gets a month-to-month interest payment. This type of trust deed venture will have an inflatable installment of the first main funds to be paid to the financial specialist toward the finish of the credit term.

Partially Amortized:

This speculation alternative is the place our financial specialist gets a regularly scheduled installment that contains both primary and intrigue. This installment choice considers an incomplete decrease in the remarkable essential equalization, which prompts a diminished inflatable installment toward the fulfillment of the credit term.

Completely Amortized:

A settled regularly scheduled payment is paid this place to our financial investors that contain both premium and primary that squares away the remarkable important parity so toward the finish of the speculation term our Investor is paid up all required funds.

Experienced and licensed loan officers that possess an active Real Estate license issued by the California Department of Real Estate (DRE) or possess a license issued with the National Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS) originate all loans.

Trust Deed Investment Services

We look after all the different origination and investment process. All of our investor is entitled to the following:

  • Conservative Underwriting policies
  • Extensive Due Diligence
  • All loan terms fully disclosed to the Borrower
  • Deed of Trust recorded against the subject property
  • Promissory Note signed by the borrower
  • Professionally prepared appraisal
  • Title insurance insuring all trust deed investments
  • Monthly Loan Servicing available
  • Interest rates range from 7% to 12%

Loan amount extends from $25,000.00 to over a million dollars. We can structure a solitary speculator or a multi-moneylender credit known as a fractionalized mortgage exchange.

We offer the investors both long and short-term investment option. You can have multiple facilities to get a good return on your investment.

We meet with every borrower for each trust deed our organization starts. We put every borrower through a broad qualifying and endorsing procedure and we generally conform to all required Department of Homeland Security necessities in affirming our borrowers’ identity.

Following are a portion of the fundamental capacities we perform for each advance submitted to our organization for financing:

Appraisal of the Subject Property

Our experienced and trained professional appraiser licensed by the California OREA appraises and evaluate every property that will be the security for our investor’s investment.

Additionally, a staff member physically visits every property from our company to inspect and verify all reports prepared by the appraiser. They perform an evaluation of the neighborhood and surrounding area. This determination is done in order to calculate a repayment for our investors.

Hazard Insurance for the Property

All borrowers are required to carry a hazard insurance policy providing fire and liability insurance for the subject property. Each investor is added as an additionally insured party on each policy of hazard insurance.

Hazard Insurance for the Property

All borrowers are required to carry a hazard insurance policy providing fire and liability insurance for the subject property. Each investor is added as an additionally insured party on each policy of hazard insurance.

Loan Escrow Services

All transaction are handled by either our in-house DRE licensed escrow or by an outside licensed escrow settlement company. The escrow will confirm that all documents and requirements have been satisfied prior to schedule the closing of the transaction. After the closing, all authorized loan, the escrow agent pays settlement costs and any directed payments. The escrow agent pays to the borrower any net proceeds. Prior to closing, the escrow balance and review to verify that all expense and payment categories are correct prior to the disbursement of any money.

Loan Servicing for our Investors

Our company works with a licensed, insured and bonded loan servicing company that can provide monthly loan servicing and property tax and hazard insurance monitoring

Following the closing of the trust deed investment, attention needs to be directed as to who will be monitoring the trust deed investment. Many other actions must be performed monthly for each trust deed investment. They are:

  • Collecting the monthly mortgage payments
  • Monitoring the status of the first trust deed in the case of 2nd Trust Deed
  • Confirming that property taxes are paid to the county tax collector
  • Confirming that adequate hazard insurance is in place and payments are being made
  • Overseeing the physical condition of the property
  • The minimum investment that we will invest for our investors is $25,000.00. We structure individual and fractionalized trust deed investments.

Short & Simple Investor Request

We need to know that all of our investors meet the government requirements. Various ways are there to qualify for it. Our investment counselor will help you with all the needed qualifying requirements.

In case, you want to know more information please do fill-up the following short and simple form and submit it to us. We will contact you shortly to discuss about the required steps and the way investing can help you to fulfill your investment goal.

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