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Realtor Partnership Program

Probate Loan for Realtors Program

Our well-chalked out Realtor Program is specifically designed to assist Borrowers who have been turned down by banks for financial help. We offer flexible financial assistance to close escrows to save Realtors in the most difficult times. The idea is to enable Realtors enjoy an additional source of income and also save commissions for them.

Our Realtor Partners are welcomed to work with our Hard Money Equity Lending company in three ways:

  • Partnership Program (Submit details of Hard to Fund Deals to the Hard Money Brokers, i.e., us, for funding)
  • VIP Partnership (To know more about VIP private Referral network, call us)
  • Affiliate program (Our program is helpful for lead sharing and reciprocal link)

We are committed towards honouring our Referral Partners and paying them the best referral fees in the industry.




Following are the situation that our lending program offers

  • If the Buyer has salary documentation problems
  • If the Buyer has salary documentation problems
  • The property does not match the standard loan procedure of Big Banks

We believe time is precious so we do not waste the time. We will inform upfront if we cannot help the client.

A loan referred to us might typically include the following:

  • Executive Summary / Loan Scenario
  • Completed & Signed 1003
  • Recent Appraisal, if already completed
  • Credit Report, if already pulled
  • Preliminary Title Report, if already ordered

In case you are not able to produce any of the mentioned documents, you can ask the client to call us for better support.

Over the phone, we will give you a guideline regarding the approval or non-approval of the loan. If the loan is approved, then it will take hardly one two weeks for clearing the funding. With us, you do not have fill bunch of forms like other money-lending organization.

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